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Divorce Attorney in Buffalo

Filing for Divorce? I’m Ready to Help You.

Determining if divorce is right for you can be stressful, which is why you should contact The Law Office of Charles A. Messina to speak with a Buffalo divorce lawyer about your case. My firm offers the guidance you need during this difficult time. With an intimate understanding of divorce laws backed by more than a decade of experience, I can stay by your side every step of the way.

Consult my firm today if you are considering divorce.

Protecting Your Best Interests

At my firm, I am aware that each situation is personal, and the circumstances surrounding your separation are as unique as the people involved. When you retain my services, I will work to ensure that you understand the divorce process and know how your case is progressing.

As a family lawyer who focuses on family law and matrimonial law, I am able to provide my clients with the answers that they deserve regarding all aspects of divorce, adoption, qualified domestic relations orders, and other concerns. I understand the importance of securing an arrangement that suits your needs. By establishing favorable court orders in a final decree, you can avoid modifications and legal enforcement in the future.

I can fight to protect your best interests concerning:

Durational Residency Requirements for Divorce in NY

There are numerous ways that you can go about filing for a divorce, and either party can file for divorce. Before you file for divorce, you should ensure that you or your spouse have met the durational residency requirements and that your divorce is otherwise legally eligible to be processed in New York.

There are 5 ways to meet New York divorce residency requirements:

  1. The parties were married in New York State and either party has been a resident of the state for at least one year prior to the divorce
  2. Parties have lived in New York and either party is a resident of the state when divorce is filed and has been a resident for a continuous period of a year preceding the to divorce
  3. The cause of action occurred in New York, and either party has been a resident for a continuous period of at least one year immediately prior to filing
  4. Grounds for divorce occurred in New York and both parties are residents of New York when filing for divorce
  5. Either party has resided in of New York for a continuous period of at least 2 years immediately preceding the dissolution.

Filing for Divorce

If you meet the state residency requirements, you can initiate the dissolution by filling out the appropriate paperwork. A divorce action starts with a summons, in which you state the grounds for divorce and lay the groundwork for custody, alimony, other types of relief, and more. Once you have filled out the appropriate form with two extra copies, you can file them at the county clerk's office. At my firm, we understand that this process is complex and we are ready to help you navigate each step of your divorce.

Other steps in the divorce process include:

  • Serving the summons to your spouse
  • Scheduling a court appearance
  • Determining custody and support

When one spouse serves papers, the spouse who receives the summons (the defendant) can choose whether or not to challenge the terms of the divorce. If they agree or do not respond, the divorce can proceed as an uncontested divorce. If they offer a defense, however, the divorce will have to be resolved as a contested divorce. My firm is ready help you reach a desirable resolution in any type of divorce.

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Even in uncontested divorces, emotions can run high. Dissolving a marriage is a stressful process, and when it comes to getting the most out of your divorce decree, you need to work with an experienced family law attorney who will seek your best interests.

Contact The Law Office of Charles A. Messina right away if you are considering filing for divorce or have been served divorce papers. As a Buffalo divorce attorney, I am pleased to offer trusted and experienced legal counsel to residents of Erie County.

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